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 The "Abduction Scenario" is one of the more bizarre aspects of UFOlogy - regarded by some as genuine and others as absurd. Here are some "significant" abductions.

 Betty and Barney Hill - 19th September 1961, Indian head, New Hampshire - U.S.A.: In September 1961, Betty (41) and Barney (39) Hill paid a short visit to Canada and because of severe weather warnings decided to drive home to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, through the night in order to avoid the threatening storm.
As they drove near Lancaster , just west of the White Mountains, they became aware of a bright light which eventually seemed to be very close and circling the car. Barney stopped the car and took some binoculars and walked until he was about 50 feet away from the object. Using the binoculars he saw a large craft, like a big pancake with a row of windows and at least half a dozen occupants. Fearful of being captured, Barney ran back to the car - they reached Portsmouth after having taken over 7 hours to drive the last 190 miles.
Betty reported the sighting to Pease Air Force Base and between 29th September and 3rd October she had a series of nightmares involving herself and Barney being led into a UFO and being medically examined. Betty reported her experiences to the National Investigations committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) and in late October, whilst being interviewed by them, Barney realized that their journey home had taken over 2 hours longer than it should have done - there seemed to be "missing time" after they came across the UFO.
Barney began to develop physical ailments and had psychiatric treatment for a year resulting in him having regressive hypnosis in the summer of 1962, in order to discover what really happened on 19th September 1961. Betty decided to join him and they both commenced hypnosis sessions with Dr. Benjamin Simon of Boston in December 1963.
Under hypnosis both the Hills related very similar stories including abduction by humanoids with no nose, large eyes, lipless mouths and whilst aboard the UFO they were both subjected to medical examinations. Artistic impression  [ left ] of "Alien" based on Betty Hill's description.
The aliens communicated using telepathy and spoken language and after her medical examination, Betty was shown a star map and was told she would remember nothing of the experience. The Hills then found themselves back in their car, watching the UFO fly away - like a glowing orange ball.
Although there is little doubt that the Hills encountered a UFO, opinion is divided regarding the abduction story they related under hypnosis, for instance Dr. Simon came to the conclusion that their abduction was an imaginary experience caused by fear after a genuine experience with a UFO.
Barnet Hill died in 1969 but Betty continued to maintain the truth of her abduction and some years later Ohio schoolteacher, Margaret Fish, observed that Betty's star map indicated that the aliens came from Zeta Reticuli - about 3.7 light years from Earth.
Interestingly, Bob Lazar claimed to have seen evidence that the UFOs held at Area 51 originated from Zeta Reticuli. Bob Lazar is covered in some detail on this site. 

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The Hill's route home.
1 - They left restaurant at 10p.m.
2 - First sighting of object
3 - They stop the car and observe the strange object.
4 - Probable turn off point.
5 - Probable scene of alleged abduction
6 - Arrive at Portsmouth - daybreak

Betty Hill's sketch of the star map she saw on board the UFO. One thing that sceptics cannot explain is, Betty could draw a detailed sketch of the star system Zeta Reticuli which is in the Reticulum constellation, 6 years before astronomers even discovered it? 

Travis Walton - 5th November 1975 - Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest near Snowflake, Arizona - U.S.A.
Travis Walton was a member of a woodcutting crew working in a forest 15o miles north of Phoenix, Arizona and when darkness fell at 6-00p.m., they decided to stop work and drive home. They had not driven far in their truck when a UFO, 20 feet wide and 8 feet high, appeared and blocked the road. The UFO had a dome on top and was glowing - "milky-yellow" in colour. When Travis Walton got out of the truck and approached the UFO, a bright green-blue light shot out of its base, hurling Walton into the air.
His workmates, now terrified, drove off but soon decided to return only to see the UFO shoot up and discover Travis Walton had disappeared.
A massive search for Walton over the next few days did not discover his whereabouts but six days after his disappearance his sister received a phone call from him - Travis was calling from a phone booth in Heber, 12 miles from the area where he had vanished.
Walton told an amazing story of meeting three aliens in the UFO and trying to escape - eventually being introduced to other human beings who had been abducted. He finally awoke and saw the UFO shooting up into the sky and managed to walk to the telephone booth where he called his sister.
This proved to be a very controversial case - many people accused Walton of hoaxing the whole thing and polygraph tests did not resolve the situation. However, for more than twenty years, the witness testimony has never varied.

Bill Herrmann – 1978, Charleston, U.S.A.

The experiences of Bill Herrmann include UFO sightings, intimidation by MIBs and suspected abduction (Bill’s story is told in some detail on this site – see “Men in Black”).
On the evening of March 17th 1978, Bill went outside his home in Charleston to get a better look at a “bright light” which was hovering nearby. Some hours later he found himself in a field, 15 miles from his home, with no proper recollection of how he got there and what had happened in the intervening time. Deputy Sheriff Pike Limehouse arrived on the scene to find Bill Herrmann in a confused, excited and disturbed state. Bill suspected that he had been abducted.

Bill Herrmann  [ left ] underwent Hypnotic Regression in order to discover what happened during a period of "lost time".

Bill had numerous sightings of and experiences with UFOs and eventually underwent hypnotic regression in the hope that more details of his abduction experiences would be revealed.
Whilst hypnotised, Bill did describe his experiences of the night of March 17th and although the abduction was at times a terrifying episode, he was able to relate certain information that he had been told by the occupants of the craft. This included an explanation for the curious triangular flight path which the UFO had adopted prior to his abduction – the reason for this, he was told, was to avoid the effects of ground-based Radar. Also, the occupants of the UFO informed Bill that they were from the star system Zeta Reticuli – a star system mentioned by other abductees Betty and Barny Hill and Bob Lazar in his account of his work period at Area 51.

Bill Herrmann's drawing [ above] of the flight pattern of the UFO he sighted.

Deputy Sheriff Pike Limehouse describes how he found Bill Herrmann 15 miles from home and suspecting he had been abducted.  [ audio ]

Police Constable Alan Godfrey - 29th November 1980. Todmorden, Yorkshire - U.K.:
P.C. Godfrey was driving a police car in the early hours of the morning when he became aware of what he thought was a road accident, namely a bus that had slid across the road sideways. When he got to about 20 yards of it he realized that what he had suspected to be a crashed vehicle was, in fact, a UFO. Godfrey later remarked: "It was about 20 feet wide and 14 feet high and diamond shaped. It had a bank of windows and the bottom half was rotating. The police blue beacon was bouncing back off it, as were the headlights. It was hovering off the ground - it was very frightening, very frightening". Godfrey noticed that nearby trees and bushes were shaking and his attempts to contact H.Q. by radio failed. Godfrey decided to sketch the object but suddenly he found himself 100 yards down the road - the UFO had vanished.
Immediately Godfrey drove back to the town and met a fellow police officer, to whom he related his experience. They drove back to the location of the UFO sighting and discovered that the area of road which had been covered by the UFO was mainly dry - elsewhere the road was extremely wet due to rainfall. P.C. Godfrey was staggered to find that it was 5-30a.m. - he believed it to be much earlier - apparently he had experienced some form of lost time or time lapse.
During several hypnotic regression sessions, P.C. Godfrey revealed a story of being abducted and taken on board the UFO - his solicitor, Harry Harris, recorded the sessions on video and there is no doubt that P.C. Godfrey in is mortal fear when regressed.
Godfrey, himself, remained uncertain about his experiences during the period of lost time but strongly maintains that he was made to sign "various documents", made to visit "certain places" and dissociate himself from anyone interested in UFOS. The policeman later reluctantly admitted he was the victim of a cover-up.

Whitley Strieber Whitley Strieber - 27th December 1985, New York State - U.S.A.:
Over Christmas 1985, Whitley Strieber, a successful horror novelist, was staying with his wife and son at their isolated cabin in upper New York State. He had installed an elaborate alarm system in the cabin as he had become increasingly worried about intruders.
At about 11-00p.m. on the 26th December, he turned on the alarm system and he and his family went to bed. In the early hours of the 27th Strieber was awakened by a strange "whooshing" noise and suspected that several people had entered the house without setting off the alarm.
To his horror a figure quickly entered his bedroom and the next thing he was aware of was sitting in the woods outside his house.
Strieber later allowed himself to be hypnotically regressed and whilst in this state he recalled how he had been floated out of the cabin and into a UFO. Here he encountered four different types of aliens - a small, robotic type, a short, stocky type and two others, one "very slender and delicate with mesmerising black slanting eyes", the other had "black button-like eyes".
The aliens then proceeded to perform a medical examination of Strieber involving inserting a needle into his brain and an "extremely ugly object" into his rectum. The aliens also made an incision in his finger.
Strieber's hypnotist, Dr. Donald F. Klein, was of the opinion that the novelist could be suffering from "temporal lobe epilepsy" - a condition that can produce hallucinations - but Strieber rejected this diagnosis and recounted his abduction experiences in a book, "Communion". In 1987 Strieber received $1 million as an advance for the film rights for his book.
According to Dr. Kenneth Ring's 1993 book "The Omega Project", Strieber admitted that he had not been abducted by aliens but it must be pointed out that he did, in fact, set up a foundation to help "abductees", especially those who required the surgical removal of "alien implants".

Bud Hopkins Budd Hopkins and the abductions of Linda Cortile - November 1989, Manhattan Island, New York - U.S.A.:
Budd Hopkins is probably the most prominent researcher in the phenomenon of abduction. A New York artist, he did experience "lost time" himself after a UFO sighting. Eventually he became a leading proponent of "hypnotic regression" in abduction cases and wrote the seminal "Missing Time" in 1982. Budd Hopkins developed the theory that abductions were part of a program of alien genetic sampling or even systematic manipulation of the human race. His theories have provoked a rage of controversy and his use of hypnosis has attracted enormous criticism. However, very few people would deny Hopkins's integrity and even his critics recognize him as being of "genuine character". Bud Hopkins talks briefly about "Screen Memory".

Linda CortileLinda Cortile (A.K.A. Linda Napolitano) approached Budd Hopkins in April 1989 as she suspected that she had been abducted by aliens some twenty years previously. On the 30th November, Mrs. Cortile anxiously reported to Hopkins that she the abductions were ongoing- she claimed to have been abducted that morning at about 3-15a.m.
When she went to bed at 3-00a.m. her husband was already asleep and almost immediately she became aware of a paralyzing numbness throughout her body - this she recognized as a prelude to abduction. She observed a gray "being" enter the room and was unable to awake her husband. She then found herself "back in her bed" but had a vague memory of someone palpating her spine.
Bud Hopkins hypnotised Linda and she recalled being "floated" through the closed window of her 12th storey apartment, accompanied by three or four aliens. She was taken aboard a UFO that hovered over her building via a blue beam of light and medically examined before being dropped back onto her bed from mid-air. This did not wake her husband or children and she checked that they were still breathing - fearing they were dead.
In February 1991, Hopkins received a letter from two men who claimed to be police officers - the letter stating that they had observed Mrs. Cortile's abduction from a car parked under FDR Drive, a few blocks from her apartment building. The letter remarked:
"She had floated like an angel into the UFO, which was about three quarters the size of the building across".
Seemingly the UFO then gained altitude and flew off, eventually plunging into the East River.
The officers, Richard and Dan, were concerned that Mrs. Cortile was alive and well - they had waited for 45 minutes but had not observed the UFO emerge from the river.
Several weeks later Linda Cortile reported to Budd Hopkins that she had been visited by the two police officers and although they were afraid of public exposure they did agree to contact Bud Hopkins.
Hopkins received more letters from the men, who now disclosed that they were secret service agents, including drawings and a taped account of the event. Apparently on the night of the abduction they had been taking Perez de Cuellar, Secretary General of the United Nations, to a heliport after a secret meeting, when their car inexplicably broke down. They had pushed the vehicle to a safe place where all three of them witnessed the abduction - Hopkins concluded it was a deliberate display by the aliens of their powers and presence on Earth to a man of international standing and influence.
One afternoon in April 1991, Linda Cortile was forced into a car by Richard and Dan, they asked her a series of bizarre questions - was she an alien, did she have toes, apparently aliens do not have toes. Mrs. Cortile noticed the car was being followed and whilst under hypnosis revealed the number plate of the following car and the one she was in - later proving to be vehicles belonging to the British and Venezuelan missions to the United Nations.


On 15th October, Mrs. Cortile was pushed into a red Jaguar car by Dan and taken to a beach house on Long Island where he made her undress and put on a white nightgown similar to the one she wore when abducted. Mrs. Cortile was rescued by Richard, who arrived later and Dan was sent to a mental institution. Linda later received letters from Dan - it was clear that his mind had become unhinged.
In November 1991, Hopkins received more evidence of the event, in the form of letter and drawings, from a retired telephone operator (and also a grandmother) in her sixties. At the time of Mrs. Cortile's abduction this lady was driving over Brooklyn Bridge when her car and others mysteriously stopped - as did the bridge lights. This lady claimed to have seen the UFO, aliens and the abduction from her car - the light from the UFO being so bright at times she had to shield her eyes.
The details given by the retired lady and those of the secret agents matched in many ways.
This abduction case is, to say the least, controversial but it should be noted that Budd Hopkins has managed to produce evidence to counter any criticisms that have been levelled at him.

For the last thirty years or so, tails of alien abduction have commonly included harrowing stories of painful medical examinations and the insertion of "implants" into various parts of the victims' anatomy. However, at least in some cases this might well be not so far from the truth - various governments and their agencies have, without doubt, conducted experiments on people who did not give their consent or, indeed, were aware of their happening. In some cases "implants" were found in the bodies of "unwitting victims" - see MK ULTRA, covered in detail on this site.

Dr. David M. Jacobs - A supporter of the Alien Abduction Theory: "We see abductions as primarily clinical - there is a certain agenda that they are fulfilling that uses human beings".

Dr. John E. Mack, Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Mack worked extensively with "abductees" and is of the opinion that many exhibit spiritual changes( such as gravitating towards Eastern Religions) after their experiences.

Many abductees report experiences with "Grays".
Genuine or not, this photo is acknowledged for its depiction of a gray.

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