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BOB LAZAR - Physicist or Fraud?

On the 28th June 1982 the Los Alamos Monitor announced " L.A. man joins jet set". This headline referred to a young physicist of the Los Alamos Meson Laboratory who had built a 200 m.p.h. jet car   [ right ] in his spare time. This young man was Bob Lazar . Only the elite of scientists gained employment at the Meson Laboratories - originally where the " A bomb" was developed and where top secret projects are carried out. 

Whilst at the laboratories Lazar attended a lecture given by Professor Edward Teller - so called father of the "H bomb". At a chance meeting Teller showed a lot of interest in Lazars jet car and the two men got on well together. Teller told Lazar to get in touch if he ever needed help - particularly regarding a job.6 years later , after many trials and tribulations (including the untimely death of his wife) Lazar moved to Las Vegas and wanted to work in a scientific situation. After  contacting Teller, Lazar quickly received a phone call asking him to attend an interview in the E.C.&G. building - E.C.&G. being a massive company involved in research projects for N.A.S.A.

This lead to Lazar being offered a job working on a "field propulsion system" at the Nevada Test Range - which includes Area 51 .




Disk-shaped" craft over Area 51 [video]

Bob Lazar describes the "Sports Model" UFO he came across at Area 51.

Lazars interpretation of a UFO he saw at Area 51

Bob Lazar near Area 51

Bob Lazar talks about the briefing documents he was given to read.


On his first day  at Area 51 Lazar was amazed at the incredibly levels of security - 22 scientists were covered by 70 armed guards and the " camouflaged inter-connecting hangars". His identity badge bore the contract number   E-67223MAJ  and the inscription "DEPARTMENT OF NAVAL INTELLIGENCE". Lazars boss - Dennis Moriani - had MAJESTIC  on his badge.

During his first day Lazar was given 120 blue files to read which dealt with UFOs and extraterrestrials. Although they  were superficial  the contents shocked him - "I could not believe it - I was fascinated"

The reports made it clear that the U.S. Government were in possession of a number of extraterrestrial craft and that autopsies had been carried out on some of  the occupants. Lazar was then introduced to his job - the propulsion techniques of the craft and the possibility of inter-stellar travel.

On his second visit to Area S4 - an area within Area 51 -  Lazar was taken into a hangar and shown a disc shaped craft - "it was absolutely smooth, about 40 feet wide and appeared to have been made in one piece". Lazars job was to investigate the construction and operation of its propulsion system - in order to "back engineer it".                       

Bob Lazar describes his first visit to S4 (Audio)

Aerial Survey Map of Area  51[click for larger size]

Bob Lazar claims to have come across Alien Beings at Area 51 .
A graphical depiction of the Extraterrestrials Bob Lazar claims to have seen at Area 51

Lazar realized that there were eight other craft being kept at Area S4 - some of the others being damaged . He also discovered that Naval Intelligence had managed to conduct short test flights   in one of them. On 6th December 1988 Lazar mentioned what he had seen to ex - C.I.A. pilot John Lear who advised him  "do damage your security clearance, work up there for a while and see what really is going on". On the evening of 21st March 1989 Bob Lazar. John Lear and Gene Huff drove out toLEAR51.jpg (16367 bytes) a spot in open countryside where Lazar maintained it was possible to watch a test flight. They took a video camera and a Celestron  telescope. After only a short time John Lear was amazed when a disc appeared from behind a mountain ridge and continued  to carry out fantastic maneuvers. They made two subsequent visits to the spot but were spotted on the second by a security patrol. Area 51 - photo by John Lear Click photo for larger size

The following day Lazar was ordered to report to Indian Springs Air Field 30 miles north of Las Vegas where he was threatened by a government agent holding a gun to Lazars head)  whilst reading security instructions. To say the least Lazar was worried. John Lear persuaded Lazar to talk "on camera" as a form of "life insurance"  and eventually Lazar was also persuaded to be interviewed by T.V. journalist George Knapp. However , when Knapp tried to validate Lazars background he was in for a nasty surprise. There was no evidence that Lazar had attended The California Institute of Technology or the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The Meson Laboratories denied ever employing him and evidence of his birth in Los Angeles was missing. Knapp , however, dug deeper and found the Las Alamos Monitor article and an internal telephone directory of the Meson Laboratories (1982) included Lazars name. Also, Lazars  tax documents included the contract number he was assigned whilst he worked at Area 51. Covert photo of Area 51


Jim Tagliani , a former engineer of the Stealth Project , remembered working with Lazar and was in no doubt he had attended  Cal-Tech. Also, Knapp found 3 employees of Meson Laboratories who all recalled Lazar - no person works there without the highest of qualifications.

Despite all of this Lazar was officially discredited after installing a computer/security system in a building which proved to house an illegal brothel. Whilst in court the pprosecution admitted that  Lazar was hardly a typical criminal and had a spotless record. He was put on probation for 3 years and also worked for 150 hours lecturing in physics to children .

Lazar was to remark - " I should have seen it coming".

His opponents had succeeded in making it possible to sneer at the mention of Bob Lazars name. They cannot , however, stem the flood of interest that is now shown by people all over the World - the desire and the determination to discover what is happening at Area 51 


A Russian satellite photo of a circular object at Area 51.

A disk-shaped object captured on film over Area 51.

Another "disk-shaped" object captured on film over Area 51

Video of UFO reputedly filmed by military camera and smuggled out of Area 51. The object was seen to cover 13 miles in 6 seconds.


UFO over Area 51 - caught on film in 1995

The internal telephone directory of the Los Alamos Laboratories.
( an institution of high repute) - Bob Lazar's name is listed.

lazardoc2 (1).jpg (64046 bytes)Lazar's Tax Statement for 1989.
Note the contract No. - E-6722MAJ (Majestic)     
click on picture for larger size

"The WHY? FILES recommend you visit the site of the eminent UFOlogist Bill Hamilton for further fascinating research regarding the scientists involved at S-4 (Area 51)"


" I would not spend one additional moment on the subject of UFOs if I didn't seriously feel that efforts to investigate and understand it, and eventually solve it, could have a profound effect - perhaps even be the springboard to a revolution in man's view of himself and his place in the Universe." Dr. J. Allen Hynek Scientific Consultant U.S. Air Force, 1948 - 1969

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