The Combat Diaries are authored by Colin Bennett - see "Looking for Orthon" on this site

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Colin (Bad Man) Bennett - Meaner than a junkyard dog

The "Bad Man" of Ufology - Colin Bennett - raises his fist at the contemporary UFO culture, presenting in his own unique manner, a series of thought provoking discussions, no holds barred.
Colin, award winning author of "Politics of the Imagination", brings, like a breath of fresh air, not only a new way of thinking but ground breaking perceptions, casting aside the traditional attitudes of the "Dark Ages Ufology".
Take care before you enter "The Combat Diaries" - be prepared to have your brain battered as Colin reveals a way of escape from the prison of the old into the freedom of "New Ufology". 

The Anomalist Book Awards Winner For Best Biography 2002 

Politics of the Imagination: The Life, Work and Ideas of Charles Fort by Colin Bennett

If Thomas Pynchon had any interest in Charles Fort, this is the kind of book that might result. It's far more than a biography (Damon Knight already did that), but a literary study of Fort the writer, as well as a postmodern rant on the illusory nature of facts and reality in the light of Fort's philosophy. Bennett, like Fort, sees "explanations," especially those provided by science, as a superficial means of understanding. Even more than in his previous book, Looking for Orthon, Bennett does battle with modern skepticism, which he sees as a debilitating contemporary illness. This is a great, big, heady stew of a book full of references to literature, arts, philosophy and moreómuch, much more. Bennett takes Fort and runs for the goalposts--I don't think anyone else could have done him justice. This book is a monster, a raised fist at the orthodox prison of the mind that is contemporary culture.