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DulceDulce is a town with a population of approximately 900 situated in the north of New Mexico close to the Jicarilla Indian Reservation. Dulce is an ordinary place except for the fact that many people believe that beneath the local countryside there is a massive, underground base - a sinister and incredible place - the location of collaboration between the U.S. Government and Aliens involving experimentation on human beings and animals. A gigantic, covert biogenetic laboratory wherein a variety of the most bizarre and cruel experiments are carried out. 

Archuleta Mesa


Dulce is a small town in a remote area of New Mexico. 

The Archuleta Mesa - is there an underground complex beneath ? Click photo for larger size

Thomas Costello claims that he worked as a security officer at the underground facility until 1979, when he decided he could not tolerate working at the complex any longer and left his mysterious employers. Before he actually left, Costello claims, he collected documents and security video tapes from the Control Centre - this evidence showed a variety of views of the underground facility. Prior to hiding the original documents, he made five copies and, using "go-betweens", distributed them to the UFO community. These documents became known as "The Dulce Papers" and contain evidence that the underground experiments had been ongoing for a considerable length of time. The Dulce Papers contain more than 30 monochrome photographs and video evidence of these activities.
According to Costello, he had to escape the base feeling he was in a position of extreme risk and because of this he decided to put his wife and family in hiding. However, when he tried to collect them he became aware of government agents waiting for him, making it impossible for him to carry out his plan and forcing him to flee - he never saw his wife and family again.
According to Costello, whilst in his twenties he underwent a period of training as a specialist photographer at a top-secret underground facility in West Virginia which was followed by seven years working for the Air Force. 

In 1971 he left and commenced working for the Rand Corporation in Santa Monica, California. In 1977 he was transferred to the Dulce facility and began living in Santa Fe, where he purchased a family home. He commuted to work at the Dulce base by traveling on an underground shuttle system - similar to a "tube train".
Costello made some bizarre claims about the workers at the Dulce base. He claims that there were over 180,000 Greys (aliens) at the facility and also several hundred reptilian humanoids - known as Draco.
Costello describes the underground base as having seven sub-levels - most of the aliens worked on levels six and seven, level five comprised their living accommodation. 
There was a sign over the tube-shuttle station hallway which read: "To Los Alamos".
This was the only sign he saw written in English. Costello is of the opinion that the tracks led to another underground base, located beneath Area 51 - the top secret military base near the Groom Lake facility in Nevada where rumours of "reverse engineering of UFO technology " have abounded for years. 
Costello's descriptions of the activities carried out at Dulce include experiments into telepathy, dreams and hypnosis as well as research into human auras - apparently the aliens have the capability to separate the " bioplasmic body from the physical body" and replace "an alien life force" within a human body after removing the soul.
According to Costello's account, genetic experiments were carried out on a variety of life forms (including fish, birds, mice, seals and humans) on level six - or "Nightmare Hall" as it was known. The products of these experiments were also stored on level six - lined up in tanks containing multi-limbed humans and also a number of cages lodging tall, humanoid, bat-like creatures.
However, it was the horrors contained on level seven that compelled Costello to flee the facility and to endeavor to disclose to the general public details of what he had seen. According to Costello:
"Level seven contained row upon row of thousands of humans, human-mixture remains and embryos of humanoids - kept in cold storage. I frequently encountered humans in cages - usually they were dazed or drugged, but sometimes they cried and begged for help. We were told they were hopelessly insane and involved in high-risk drug tests to cure insanity. We were told never to speak to them at all."
Costello also claimed that he had information describing similar bases throughout the Solar System - some located on several of the moons of Jupiter and Saturn.

According to the Dulce Papers, Aliens, both Greys and reptilians, have been present on Earth for several thousand years and have no real hostile intentions as far as humans are concerned despite the horrific images of their bizarre experiments.
Apparently the Aliens are primarily far more interested in the magnetic power of the Earth - an energy they have the capabilities to harvest. Other Earthly assets - such as land, minerals, water etc. - are of no great interest to them.

Another ominous aspect of Costello's claims is the allegation that the aliens were working in collaboration with the U.S. Government who had several agencies present at the base, including:
The Department of Energy,
The National Institute of Health,
The National Science Foundation,
The Howard Hughes Medical Institute,
The Department of the Environment.

Thomas Costello's account of the underground activities at Dulce are controversial - to say the least. Although Costello seems a very plausible type of person, obviously his bizarre claims have been met with derision by many people - including a great number of UFOlogists, however, evidence from other sources do, to some extent, substantiate his extraordinary story.
For instance, from 1976 to 1978 Dulce was the focal point of a whole string of cattle mutilations which baffled nearby ranchers and happened with such regularity that researchers from all over the world arrived to investigate the phenomena. 

n 1978, Howard Burgess, a retired scientist, carried out an experiment on the mutilated cattle. Many were found to be covered with strange markings when examined under ultra-violet light, displaying a "glittery substance" which, when analyzed, proved to be deposits of potassium and magnesium.
There have also been many UFO sightings in the Dulce area, tending to correspond with the discovery of mutilated beats.
In 1998, a research team visited Dulce and took "soundings" of the ground - interestingly when subjected to computer analysis, these soundings indicated deep caverns or cavities beneath the Dulce locality.

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Dulce was the epicenter of a spate of cattle mutilations for a number of years .Click on photo for larger size

Another strange story from an alternative source also backs-up the concept of underground bases involving alien life forms. In the late 1980s, Paul Bennewitz - a UFO researcher, See The Aviary - on this site discovered a report of an alleged abduction in New Mexico - Christine Tilton of Oklahoma, claimed she had been abducted by two grey aliens in July 1987. She described the events under hypnosis, revealing that she had been coerced into a saucer-shaped craft which took her to a hillside location where she was met by a man dressed in a red military type jump suit. From there, she claimed, she was taken through a tunnel ( with computerized check-points and security cameras ) and moved to another area by a transit vehicle. Here she was weighed and made to stand in front of a computer screen, following which she was given an identity card and was informed she had entered level one of an underground base. She was, eventually, taken to level five where she came across more of the small grey aliens and a number of the "saucer-type " craft. In an enormous chamber Tilton claims she saw computerized gauges connected to large tanks which gave off a smell of formaldehyde. She did not discover what these tanks contained but she was able to provide drawings and sketches of their exteriors. Bennewitz recognized the tanks she had drawn - he realized that they were almost identical to those shown in the Dulce Papers.


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Former C.I.A. Director George Bush
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