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Gary Anthony (left) and Chris Evers (right)

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Here are some reader review/comments that Chris received about EYE Magazine 

“there is a short article introducing Gary Anthony and Chris Evers. It states that EYE magazine is intended to “give the world of UFOlogy a balanced view of this subject” [UFOlogy]. If they can find quality pro-ETH articles to publish alongside the sort of articles in this issue, I believe that they will achieve the balance which they are obviously striving for. If Gary and Chris continue to print mostly good quality, original articles, then I would expect there to be great demand for the magazine as it becomes more widely known.” Joe McGonagle, UFOlogyinUK.

“What a super little magazine! Was going to email you anyway but as you managed to beat me thought I'd say how much I enjoyed it. The A5 tome is really good quality in printing, visual and tactile terms – it feels quality and looks quality! The contents and editorial policy is sound too, open-minded but not too gullible and naive - that's very good! I shall certainly be recommending it to anyone I come into contact with whom is interested in UFOs.”- Clive Potter, UFO researcher.

“EYE is an interesting magazine. Would you be interested in doing an exchange for ours?” – Jon Downes, Crypto zoologist.

“EYE Magazine is an absolute necessity in the efforts to prevent UFOlogy dying.” “PS - EYE gets better.” - Geoff Richardson, The WHY? Files.

“I did get a chance to have a good look through the magazine, which was interesting.” - Nick Pope.

“Thanks for the issue of EYE.” - Stanton Friedman.

“You have a great mag. Long may it grow and prosper. Just a line to say I liked the article on airships in your excellent Eye magazine.” – Author of ‘Looking For Orthon’ and other books, Colin Bennett.

“EYE Magazine, more power to your elbow.” - Graham Birdsall, UFO Magazine-UK.

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