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UFOAt approximately 5-00p.m. on 11th November 1987, building contractor Ed Walters was working in his home office when his attention was drawn to glowing light that seemed to be emanating from behind pine trees at the front of his house. Walters opened his front door and was astonished to see a huge glowing bluish-grey craft hovering about 200 feet above the ground. [ left ]The craft was making no noise at all and, according to Walters, was emitting a "power light" of pulsating energy from its undercarriage. Walters immediately grabbed his Polaroid camera and commenced taking photographs. Ed Walters


Ed Walters [ right ]  " I was visited by officials from the Air Force, from a department which they later denied existed. There will always be people who choose not to believe, whatever the evidence suggests. Some simply refuse to accept that UFOs exist, so ultimately they brand me as a hoaxer". 


In order to get a better view he ran into the street and found himself directly below the strange craft - at this point, maintained Walters, he was blasted by a blue beam which lifted him off the ground to a height of over 3 feet, for about 20 seconds. 
Walters also stated that there was a strong smell of cinnamon and he heard a voice in his head say "We will not harm you". Walters then crashed to the ground and the UFO had gone. Following this event Walter sent the photographs of the UFO to the local daily newspaper "Sentinel" - this he did anonymously and when the story was published a number of people came forward who claimed to have seen a similar object in the skies - the times of their sightings correlated with Walters' account. Over the following 5 months Walters had many more sightings and managed to take many more photographs. 
He always seemed to see the same UFO - about 12ft. across and 9ft. high with a brilliantly lit 7-8ft. "power ring" below. Often the UFO sightings were preceded by a hum in his head - leading some investigators to speculate that he had, at some point in time, been abducted, the hum being caused by an implant. 
It is interesting to note that he had certainly had some peculiar experiences in his youth - one of which could be explained as an abduction. 

On 2nd December he claims to have encountered an alien to the rear of his house -the alien apparently ran away and on 12th January 1988, he was driving his pickup truck when he came across a UFO hovering over the road. This he was able to photograph but he found himself hiding beneath his truck, paralyzed by a white beam of light. Despite the fact that Walters actually saw occupants leave the craft and approach his pickup, he somehow managed to get back in and drive away.

UFOWalters allegedly photographed this UFO on 12th January 1988 - according to Walters five aliens left the craft but why didn't he capture them on film as well? Click on picture for larger size
On 7th February1988, the UFO visited Walters' house again, this time he managed to film his wife, Frances Walters, narrowly avoid being blasted by a blue beam. 

On 1st May, he photographed the UFO yet once more at 1-10a.m. However, he "blacked out" completely until 2-25a.m. and speculated that he had been abducted - the implant removed. A number of other people in the area of Gulf Breeze had witnessed UFOs and recorded the sightings on video or photograph, their sightings often coincided with the dates and times of Walters' experiences. 

Gulf Breeze became a hot-spot for UFO sightings; in fact Gulf Breeze hit the headlines. Ed Walters' statements and photographic evidence were subjected to a detailed examination by a number of experts. Dr. Bruce Maccabee, an optical physicist formerly employed by the U.S. government, personally interviewed witnesses, and carried out on-site inspections and photographic analysis using sophisticated computer-aided techniques.
Maccabee, who is respected for his unbiased, scientific opinions, concluded he could find no evidence of a hoax - the photographs were authentic images of "unconventional aircraft". However, others were convinced that the photographs were clever "double exposures" using "model craft". In an attempt to eliminate the possibility of "hoax photography", MUFON provided Ed Walters with a sealed four-lens stereo camera (making it virtually impossible to tamper with the film), with which he was still able to take photographs of UFOs.
In some peoples' eyes this was conclusive proof that Ed Walters' UFO photographs were genuine. The skeptics pointed out, however, the photos may be genuine but the UFOs are false - possibly cleverly lit models. The whole issue was compounded when, from November 1987 to May 1988, over 100 witnesses reported similar UFO experiences in the Gulf Breeze area, including sightings caught on video tape.
In 1990, a group of local residents banded together with aim of solving the mystery. Within a month or so the group reported the sighting of an extremely bright UFO, showing red and amber lights, moving erratically across the sky in several directions until it disappeared. The locals have maintained their vigilance and have since reported several UFO sightings - with qualities that science says cannot exist

However, the skeptics were overjoyed when a model UFO was found in the house whNewspaper articleere Walters had lived. Not only that, a young man claimed that he had helped Walters to fake the photos. 

Newspaper article relating to the "model UFO" found in a house Walters had lived in. Walters denied any knowledge of the model - skeptics called him a fraudster. Close examination shows there are differences between the model and the object caught on film. Click on picture for larger size

The controversy has never been satisfactorily resolved; on one hand a number of skeptics cast doubt on the validity of Walters' accounts and photographs. On the other, a number of experts, including Dr. Bruce Maccabee, Bud Hopkins and Walt Andrus (of MUFON) have endorsed Walters' testimony. Also, Frances Walters has consistently supported her husband's accounts and Ed Walters has successfully passed polygraph tests. Ed Walters' Gulf Breeze sightings have probably generated as much controversy in the area of UFOlogy as any other incident but whether his evidence is faked or not (and many believe it is), unexplainable sightings of strange objects or craft continue to be seen (and recorded) in the skies over Gulf Breeze.

UFO photographed by Ed Walters UFO photographed by Ed Walters on 11th November 1987.
The original photograph was enhanced revealing the blue beam that allegedly lifted Walters off the ground


Art Hufford (MUFON) caught 
this image on film in 1991, 
the object was witnessed 
by dozens of people.
This (enhanced) photograph was taken by Bland Pugh in 1993 Bland Pugh took this photo in 1996 - the ring of light is very similar to the ring of pulsating lights emitted from the UFO that Walters caught on film in 1987.

UFO over Gulf Breeze, captured on video by Ann and Bruce Morrison in 1991  Click  video icon


"More than 10,000 sightings have been reported, the majority of which cannot be accounted for by any scientific explanation…….. I am convinced these objects do exist and that they are not manufactured by any nation on Earth" Air Chief Marshall Lord Dowding, Commander in Chief of R.A.F. Fighter command (1954)

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