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The aim of The WHY? FILES is to present a comprehensive overview of UFOlogy and associated subjects in a concise, accurate and factual manner. However, this site will not avoid being contentious or expressing views that others may not agree with. We hope you find your visit is informative yet enjoyable. Also, do not forget that your opinions and suggestions are important to us so PLEASE let us have your comments or suggestions in the Guest Book - if you need a reply use the Email link or the Webmaster link provided. Enjoy!!!!



UFOs exist - like it or not very few people now deny their existence.
For many years, especially the last fifty, thousands of people from all walks of life, culture and occupation have reported UFO sightings and experiences. UFOs have been picked up by radar, recorded on film and video and have been witnessed by reliable, professional people. In more recent years even astronauts and pilots have reported sightings and declared their knowledge of the existence of UFOs. However, most UFO sightings are experienced by "ordinary persons" - people who become unwitting witnesses to an event that could well change their outlook on life. Modern society has been almost "programmed" to regard such witnesses with derision but remember - if the same person witnessed a crime, his or her testimony would be acceptable in a court of law. In fact, according to most recent opinion polls, not only do the vast majority of people regard UFOs as a "fact", they also believe that they are of extra-terrestrial origin. There is, also, no doubt that various governments have lied for years about their covert interest in and knowledge about UFOs - often adding confusion to an already complex subject by the spreading of "mis-information".


Just what are UFOs, where do they come from and WHY? are they here?

We hope The WHY? FILES make a genuine contribution to answering these questions - and, at the risk of repeating ourselves, please do not forget that your opinions are important to us. 

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Here are some comments made by eminent Ufologists who have visited The WHY? Files:

Nick Redfern  Guys, The site is a great addition to the UFO subject. I like that you have a bunch of different things on there covering all aspects of ufology and much more besides. You are doing a great job. Cheers, Nick Redfern.
Nick Pope- "I've had a brief look at your site, which looks great; interesting and informative - a rare combination. I'll be back for more! " Nick Pope
Bruce Maccabee "I visited. Very nice site." Bruce Maccabee
Peter Robbins "By the way, I think that you and Steve have set up a solid, well organized and well designed website. As UFO (US) Magazine's web columnist ('Webwatch'), I will be giving TheWHY?Files a positive review and recommendation in the next possible issue of the magazine (August-September)."
Best wishes, Peter Robbins Author/researcher
Colin Bennett "Your site is the best British site I have come across….I have already passed it on to many Fortean friends and they are full of praise for it".
Colin Bennett Author - "Looking For Orthon" "Politics of the Imagination"
Jim Dillettoso "Quality website…. I appreciate the cross-section of cases that you have presented and I will recommend it to reporters and producers who need a rapid briefing on these icons of UFOlogy".
Jim Dillettoso Village Labs.
V-J (Vincent-Juan Ballester Olmos) "Your efforts to search, collect and post reports and images into your site is something we all appreciate"
Very best wishes,
V-J (Vincent-Juan Ballester Olmos)


"We've so poorly explored even the local neighbourhood of our solar system that there could well be probes, artifacts, even large, slow ships within our solar system.. they may be here". Jill Tartar Director of SETI (July 2002)

REMEMBER! Never count something out simply because it is impossible

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