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MK ULTRA really did exist - we may not want to believe it but we must accept it as a terrifying fact - the point where science fiction became a political horror story.
The U.S. Government really did experiment with brainwashing techniques utilizing a number of methods including hypnosis and mind altering drugs.
Worse still the experiments were carried out on unsuspecting people (both civilian and military) without their knowledge or consent.
The existence of MK ULTRA was first brought to light by maverick government officer John Marks - on 20th September 1977 the U.S. Senate investigated MK ULTRA discovering that thousands of people had been the unwitting victims of mind control experiments.

In 1977 the Senate investigated CIA activities. The CIA denied any involvement in MK ULTRA activities.

CIA document referring to MK ULTRA - dated 10th May 1954.Click on photo for larger size

A report [ right ] to the President of the United States investigating CIA involvement in covert experiments.

Extract from the report - well worth reading! Click on photo for larger size

In 1989 a patent was granted for a device which could broadcast intelligible auditory voice messages and commands directly into the auditory cortex of an unsuspecting human target. The device used microwave technology.

Patented device [ left ] used for transmitting auditory commands directly into the "inner ear" of unsuspecting targets.

Part of MK ULTRA was the NAOMI PROJECT - involved in the creation of what were later to be called "Manchurian Candidates". Manchurian Candidates were people who were pre-programmed to become assassins without their knowledge. A post hypnotic trigger was used to put them into "killer mode" -  the American classic novel "The Catcher in the Rye" is regarded as containing these triggers. John Gittinger - a psychologist with the C.I.A.  from 1950 to 1979 initially denied these experiments  but later remarked " I guess it really did happen".

Helmut Scherer , ex C.I.A. agent, believes that Lee Harvey Oswald was a victim of MK ULTRA  and William Balley , ex F.B.I., is of the same opinion regarding Sirhan Sirhan - the supposed killer of Robert Kennedy. Photographic proof of Sirhans innocence taken by photographer Scott Engert was supposedly lost by the police but is now found to be legally sealed for 20 years.

Ronald Cohen [ left ] became a victim of MK ULTRA whilst hitch - hiking in Maryland. He accepted a lift only to find himself taken to a massive military base where he was subjected to experiments involving mind altering drugs. He later found himself dumped at the side of the road when they had finished with him. Another victim was Robert Naestadt - a Swede who found he had an "implant" in his head. Naestadt has the full backing and support of Doctor R. Kilde , the Chief Medical Officer of Finland, who has  X-Ray evidence of the implant.





The implant [ left ] that was removed from Robert Naestadt's head - only to disappear.[ right] close-up

achesletter (1).jpg (8569 bytes)

Some U.S. citizens formed "ACHES" - a group which protested against microwave experiments on human beings. click on picture for larger size

 Other projects included "Third Chance" and "Derby Hat"  which were carried out in conjunction with the U.S. Military - for photographic evidence see below.

15th March 1995 - The Presidential Committee on Human Radiation Experiments - demanded by unwitting victims of military experiments.

Between 1955 and 1975 thousands of people were unwittingly experimented upon by MK ULTRA and the U.S. Military. Of these approximately 7000 enlisted soldiers were used as human guinea pigs in experiments involving a wide array of biological and chemical warfare agents. About 3500 of these soldiers were given mind-altering psycho chemicals - L.S.D.,PCP, BZ and the like. These tests were carried out at the  Chemical Warfare Laboratories at Edgewood Arsenal facility in Maryland. The images below are stills taken from a U.S. Army film.



edgewood03.jpg (36304 bytes)

An experimental gas dispenser

Click on photo for larger size

A group of soldiers who were later used in experiments

Click on photo for larger size

A soldier breaths in an experimental gas.

Click on photo for larger size

edgewood02.jpg (39580 bytes)

SOLDIER_ON_LSD.jpg (38424 bytes)

edgewood01.jpg (36764 bytes)

Taking a dose of L.S.D.

And the after-effects

Click on photo for larger size

Oh and not just people - what kind of warped mind can justify this? Click on photo for larger size

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