Is it possible that a group exists in a haze of secrecy and perceives itself  as being supra-governmental , pursuing an agenda which guarantees the propagation of its own power and the enrichment of its members , all at the expense of human rights and environmental degradation throughout the World?
Is it also possible that this group manipulates global finances and determines which political figures should become rulers  - targeting those whom it wants removed from positions of power?
Incredibly such a group does exist , holding periodic meetings (about twice a year) which are held in secrecy protected by armed agents and the police.
Originally the philosophy of this group was conceived by Joseph Retinger  - an U.S. citizen - whose highly successful career brought him into contact with many high-ranking military and political leaders from throughout the World. Retinger believed that multi-national organizations could create and enforce unity between nations by dictating and enforcing consistent and effective economic and military policies.
The first meeting of this group took place in Oosterbeek ,Holland. The actual venue was the Bildeberg Hotel - from which the group took its name. The Bilderberg Group

The Bilderberg Group This first meeting was chaired by Prince Bernhard of Holland from May 29th to May 31st ,1954 and was held under a cloak of total secrecy  - a tradition that has been strictly adhered to ever since.

Prince Bernhard oversees the very first meeting of The Bilderberg Group

All of the early conferences were held in Europe but now take place on both sides of the Atlantic. Attendees represent the elite establishment of every Western nation: bankers, industrialists, politicians, heads of international corporations, monarchs, prime ministers, presidents, representatives of the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, media executives and military leaders.

Each meeting generally consists of 120 delegates  - about two thirds from Europe and the balance from North America. All debates go unreported and any consensus reached is unknown to anyone outside the Group. Because of this cloak of secrecy is it surprising that suspicion is aroused?.

The Bilderberg Group discusses and determines policies which do have an impact - such as the concept of a common European currency , which was discussed well before it became policy. Bilderberg also laid the foundations for a European Round Table - a group of 45 business magnates who influence events in the European Union. This sub-group (established in 1981) is reputed to run Europe from behind the scenes.

Other policy decisions of the Bilderberg Group include the establishment of U.S. - China diplomatic relations well before Richard Nixon became involved.
Who are involved in the Bilderberg Group? Here are a few members who have attended Bilderberg meetings :

Henry Kissinger,
David Rockerfeller,
William Perry - U.S. Secretary of Defense,
Alexander Trotman - President of Ford Motor Company,
George Robertson - G.B. Secretary of State for Defense,
Jurgen Schremp - Chairman of the Board - Daimler Benz
the list goes on and on - powerful people in powerful positions - both military and civil - who meet in secrecy behind the protection of armed guards and insist that their intentions are benevolent to the rest of mankind.

Surely if this is the case at least a little more openness would no harm. However because the existence of the Bilderberg Group is being revealed more and more ,they are discussing methods (such as a change of name etc....) by which secrecy can be assured in the future.

Every vehicle approaching a Bilderberg Meeting is stopped and thoroughly searched by the police.

searched by the police

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"Out of the shadows"


"In the firm belief that the American public deserves a better explanation than that thus far given by the Air Force, I strongly recommend that there be a committee investigation of the UFO phenomenon". Former President Gerald Ford 28th March 1966

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