The WHY? FILES awards are offered in a spirit of friendship and cooperation

If you would like to submit your site for our award then read the criteria below and send your details and web address to our webmaster or author.



The WHY? FILES Awards Criteria

  • 1 - The site should state what subjects it covers and its intentions.

  • 2 - The site should be quick loading and easy to navigate.

  • 3 - The site should be easy on the eye.

  • 4 - There should not be excessive use of animation.

  • 5 - If possible the subject matter should be original - in UFOlogy this is difficult and should cover the subject as stated in 1.

  • 6 - Lack of use of "high powered software" should not be penalized - although it could be merited.

  • 7 - There should be plenty of links.

  • 8 - Banner ads should not detract from the site subject.

  • 9 - All photos etc. should be optimized - to help site loading.

  • 10 - No bad language/ discrimination or porn.

  • To add a banner to your site, follow these directions:

  • Choose the type of award you would like on your website

  • Right click on the banner

  • Select "save picture as"

  • Click "ok"

  • Go to your site and choose the area to place the banner

  • Right click and choose the option to insert the image

  • Once you have finished the above steps:

  • Place this website's URL into the banner as a link.

  • This web site code is <a href="http://www.thewhyfiles.co.uk"></a>

Awards Winners