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The Phoenix Lights

The event which is referred to as "The Phoenix Lights" comprised of a series of incidents, involving a number of different craft and orbs which took place during the evening of March 13th 1997.
At approximately 7-50p.m. a "V-shaped" formation of bright blue/yellow-white orbs were observed leaving the Las Vegas area (Nevada) and flying at speed over the border into Arizona. The object was observed to travel over the Phoenix area and then on to Tuscon - via a 300 mile corridor. The "V-shaped" formation was observed by hundreds if not thousands of people - from lorry drivers to physicians and children to lawyers. A whole cross section of society witnessed the object as it made its way across the Arizona skies.


The strange craft followed a 300 
miles path from Nevada to Tucson

Bill Greiner, a lorry driver, was hauling a load of cement to Glendale (Arizona) when a bright object caught his eye. Greiner pulled over for a better look when, suddenly, he was startled by a burst of activity from nearby Luke Air Force Base. He watched in amazement as two aircraft took off from the base, circled above his head and approached the object which had caught his attention. As the aircraft approached the object it shot up into space - "like a craft in Star Trek".
Greiner also remarked:" What I saw aint from around here!"

A physician, Doctor Lynne, stated: "My husband and I are both physicians - both sceptics. The lights were different to anything we have ever seen".

Dr. Lynne - a professional person who changed her opinions after witnessing The Phoenix Lights

One of the most controversial incidents in the history of Ufology [ Click on  video icon ]  

Large "chevron-shaped" craft which crossed the Arizona skies during the Phoenix Lights incidents.

The formation of orbs hovered over a car full of people traveling north on 1-10 and then was observed in the Oracle area where the formation split up, going in varying directions. Some of the orbs were seen to "dock" with a very large "chevron-shaped" object which appeared later.
The "chevron-shaped" object was clearly discernable as it was witnessed in central Phoenix as it cruised silently over the heads of dumbfounded people. At this time it was estimated to be traveling at about 15m.p.h. and only 150 feet above the ground. The enormous craft was seen to hover over the edge of Sky  Harbor for 5 minutes before proceeding to Picacho Peak where it again hovered for 15 minutes or so. This craft was truly large - estimated at 900 feet on each leading edge and more than a mile in length. It is thought that, at this point, the docking procedure took place and it then followed the 1-10 before being seen over North Phoenix at 10-50p.m.

Witness sketch of the "chevron-shaped" craft - made as it passed overhead

Other witnesses also described an immense triangular craft which was first seen over north Phoenix between 8-30 and 8-45p.m. This incredible craft was estimated at being as much as 2 miles wide as its wingtips fell over two parallel streets that are 1.8 miles apart. Witnesses (including the Ley family) stated that it took up to two minutes to drive under the object. The object was a discernable craft and black in colour with rectangular "panel-like" structures on the underside.
At 10-00p.m. a formation of hovering orbs was observed over the southern edge of Phoenix - these orbs were seen by thousands and some people were able to capture the event on video. It is these video recordings, made by ordinary people, that gave the sightings the name "The Phoenix Lights". The "lights" remained visible for several minutes and were observed over Rainbow Valley in a "V" formation at approximately 2-00a.m. on March 14th. 

At about 10-20 p.m. a retired pilot observed a huge circular craft as he travelled down Scottsdale Road, with his son and friend. This object was estimated to be one mile in diameter and another witness, a former pilot and retired U.S. Marshall, remarked that the craft reflected the city lights on its underside and blocked out the stars with its upper structure.

A retired pilot [ left ] who captured the event on video tape.

Many people - certainly thousands - witnessed the events over Phoenix on March 13th 1997 and a proportion of them managed to capture evidence on video. Despite denials from the military, there is evidence that aircraft were "scrambled" from Luke A.F.B. and were observed following the "lights". In fact military aircraft were seen "tracking" the strange objects as far as Tuscon. Luke A.F.B. - denied any action was taken.

Despite the enormity of the events the Phoenix authorities refused to investigate and on May 6th 1997 Councilor Francis Barwood brought the subject up at a Phoenix City Council meeting. Governor Symington treated the subject with derision and attempted to ridicule the events.

The governor's response - a big joke!

Governor Symington - mocked the citizens who asked for an enquiry.

Councillor Francis Barwood - asked for an enquiry.

The people of Phoenix turned to Jim Dilettoso and Michael Tanner of "Village Labs" (a professional investigative agency) who started a thorough and professional investigation which involved collecting video evidence, witness statements etc. and subjecting them to scientific scrutiny.

Jim Dilettoso and Michael Tanner - expert investigators and owners of "Village Labs".

Large triangular object seen during the Phoenix Lights events. [ Click on  video icon ]

By chance, one night, a local television crew noticed a military exercise going on and were surprised to observe that flairs being used appeared very similar to the lights seen  on March 13th. They filmed this event, declaring that they had solved the mystery of The Phoenix Lights.
Village Labs, however, subjected the film of the flairs to scientific analysis and showed that they completely different "light properties" to The Phoenix Lights". 

Triangular formation photographed over Phoenix

Triangular craft caught on video tape over the Phoenix area.

A scene that became famous throughout the world . The "optical properties" of The Phoenix Lights"

A local T.V. crew caught these flares on film - however,
they have different Optical Qualities to the Phoenix Lights

The "optical properties" of the military flares.

Artistic impression of the "chevron-shaped" 
craft seen in the Arizona skies.

Artistic impression of the immense triangular craft.

Since the series of events which became to be known as the Phoenix Lights there have been numerous other sightings of strange lights, orbs or UFOs.
Update: September 14th 2002, West Phoenix: Joy F. was sitting outside just observing the night sky when, at approximately 1-30a.m., she saw two aircraft flying east at high altitude. She regarded this as unusual as most planes come in low as they approach the local airport. She ran in doors for her binoculars in order to get a close look at the aircraft and as she observed the sky, marvelling at the stars, she noticed a "V-shaped" object - "all lit up and flying at low altitude".
She remarked: "I was looking north - possibly putting it over Glendale, this was not just a few points of light but more like those shake and break tubes the kids use at Halloween. I was amazed as I concentrated on it . It might have turned I got up to track it but lost it".

The Triangular craft seen during the Phoenix Lights events seem to have very similar characteristics to a particilar type of UFO seen frequently on a global basis - see Black Triangles on this site

Large triangular craft captured on 
video in the presence of acclaimed 
UFOlogist Bill Hamilton. 

  Eminent UFOlogist Bill Hamilton was present during the "Phoenix Lights" incidents



"The nations of the world will in the future have to unite to make a common front against a threat from other planets". Douglas MacArthur, General of the U.S. Army (1955

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