We at the why files are proud to refer reports of UFO sightings and experiences to 

Gary Anthony and Chris Evers UFO  investigators.

Gary Anthony:

Accredited by BUFORA (British UFO Research Association) as an investigator in 1986 and was an astronomical consultant to them from 1990 to 1995. Former feature editor of ‘UFO Times’ and a regular contributor to UFO Brigantia & Northern UFO News. Gary has been an avid researcher and investigator of UFO reports for nearly two decades and also worked in a media department and later specialised computerised aspects of the space industry. He is currently a member of the prestigious UFOIN and involved in an ambitious project to have a unique global collection of alleged alien semiotics scrutinised by linguistics and cryptanalysis.

Chris Evers:

Chris’ Interest in UFOlogy began in 1973 after sighting a UFO, Since then Chris has followed reports of UFO's in the Hull and East Yorkshire region with great interest and in 1994, after investigating a controversial local case, he became a representative for 'Quest International who produce UFO Magazine' and started his own newsletter called 'Faster Than Light' focusing on aspects of UFOlogy and the paranormal. In 1996 with the help of colleagues, he founded the Hull UFO Society (HUFOS), as a focal point for local people's involvement in UFOlogy and in 1997 organised his first successful mini conference in this endeavour. Both Gary and Chris continue to research the enigmatic UFO topic.

Gary and Chris are the founders of EYE which is East Yorkshire Encounters, they actively investigate both historical and new sightings, abduction reports and other aspects of UFOlogy.

They produce a Magazine titled EYE Magazine to keep other investigators and researchers informed of their findings. The magazine also receives contributory articles from authors such as author and investigator Philip Mantle, Jenny Randles, Clive Potter, Colin Bennett, Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos (Spain), Geoff Richardson (Why Files), Sandy Nichols (USA-Experiencer), Dave Clarke, Andy Roberts, et al.”

The Why Files have a strict confidentiality policy to
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We regret that anonymous reports cannot be used.

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