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The Varginha Incident


Varginha - A busy town of 120,00 residents.

Varginha - located in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil

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NOTE : EBE is an abbreviation for "Extra-terrestrial Biological Entity"

At approximately midnight on 19th January 1996, Norad (North American Air Defense Command) notified their Brazilian equivalent - CINDACTA - that a UFO was coming to Earth somewhere over the southern parts of Minas Gerais state. This transaction was witnessed by and leaked by a Brazilian Air Force man and substantiated by an employee at the radar facility at Air Force Base VI Correa.
At 1-30 a.m. on 20th January 1996, two farm workers, Augusta and Eurico Rodrigues, were awakened by the moans of cattle and sheep. On looking out of the window they saw the animals in a state of frenzy and on looking up they saw a silent UFO without lights.
"It was a submarine-shaped object about the size of a mini-bus and was trembling like a curtain and emitting smoke or fog as it descended to 5 metres above the ground".
The Rodrigues couple's farm is located in a coffee district 6 miles northwest of the town of Varginha.
An un-named military witness, apparently a member of the debris retrieval team, "leaked" the following information: "The material was twisted and lightweight".
The UFO is believed to have crashed between 1-30a.m. and 5-00a.m. - An American civilian was present when the cigar-shaped UFO was loaded aboard a flatbed truck."
It is believed that a number of EBEs survived the crash and entered the forest. It was also reported that a farmer shot one of the EBEs as it crawled out of the crashed cigar-shaped UFO.


At 8-00a.m. 20th January, college student Tucio Gaidno,20, then living in the Jardim Andere area of Varginha, looked out of his bathroom window to see " a creature with oily dark brown skin crouched in the alley way". The creature had no hair, no clothing and was about 4-5 feet tall. It had very small hands with 3 extremely long fingers - it ran away when someone called out.
As early as 7-00a.m. the Fire Department started receiving emergency calls about some wild animal that had got loose - at 9-00a.m. Major Maciel sent four firemen to check the situation. On arrival the four firemen called the Major asking him to attend as the situation was much more complicated than originally thought, the Military were already on the spot.
When Major Maciel, arrived, at 10-30a.m., a creature had already been captured using a net and gloves and according to witnesses the creature appeared to be apathetic to the way he had been treated - some children had been throwing stones at it. The witnesses also stated that the creature was making a noise similar to bees buzzing. The creature was caught in front of a house at Rua Suecia 3 and was placed in a wooden box which was covered with a white plastic cover. It was then placed on an army truck and driven away.
The military and firemen present at the capture included:
Lieutenant Colonel Olimpio Wanderley 
Lieutenant Tiberio 
Captain Ramirez 
Sergeant Pedrosa ( Brazilian Army Secret Service)
The truck drivers were from the ESA (a military school in the town of Tres Coracoes - 16 miles from Varginha) and included:
Corporal Cirilo
Soldier Vassolo 
Soldier De Mello
Major Maciel was also present.
The event was witnessed by several witnesses including civilian Henrique Jose da Silva.
This creature was taken to the Escola de Sargento das Armas (EAS) - a military school in the town of Tres Coracoes, about 16 miles away.



Artistic impression of the "creature" observed during the Incident at Varghina.

The School of the Sergeant at Arms ( ESA) - many elieve orders for a cover-up operation originated hereClick on picture for larger size

UFO filmed in Brazil -1990. Many motorists stopped their cars on a busy highway to view the object.

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Later that day at about 3-30p.m., three young girls were returning home from their jobs as housemaids when they stumbled across a creature crouched against a building in Benevenuto Street - close by to where the first creature had been captured.
"It was squatting, with long arms between its legs. At first I saw the eyes - enormous and red. It was not an animal or human, it was horrible. It looked dumb, didn't makeAn artistic impression any noise". The creature, however, appeared to move its head slightly and, terrified, the girls ran away. Forty minutes later the girls returned to the location with their mother, Luiza Helana Silva, to find nothing but a smell of ammonia at the spot where the girls had seen the creature.
(Harvard Professor and researcher Dr. John Mack later interviewed the girls in May 1996 and stated: "I would stake my career and license on those three girls being truthful")

An artistic impression [ right ] of the EBE based on witnesses' testimonies. Click on picture for larger size

Liliane Fatima Silva

Liliane Fatima Silva

Liliane Fatima Silva, her sister Valquiria and Katia Andrade Xavier - the girls point to the spot where they saw the "terrifying creature". Click on picture for larger size

One of the girls, Liliane Fatima Silva,
describes her experience and a drawing 
she had made.
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The Fire Department and the military had been alerted by terrified residents and a crowd gathered in the street as fire officers and army personnel captured the creature with nets.
The creature seemed to be injured. The captured creature was originally taken to the General Hospital in Varginha where the doctor ordered it to be moved to the bigger and better equipped Humanities Hospital. Witnesses reported that the creature died at 6-00p.m. on Monday 22nd January. The transporting of the creature was carried out by the Fire Department - which was confirmed by Mr. Adilson Usier, Regional Hospital Director - although he was later to deny this statement. In the hospital Dr. Rogeric said to a reporter from the Varginha News:
"I don't know what it is, could be a freak, but I have never seen anything like it". Once again, another statement that was denied at a later date.

varginhahospital (1).jpg (15075 bytes) The Humanities Hospital.[ left ]
A military informer claimed an EBE was taken to the Humanitas Hospital. It later died and an autopsy was carried out here.
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Whilst the second creature was being captured more people witnessed strange activities around Varginha. A lawyer, with previous military experience, witnessed two planes that he recognised as F-50s. The planes were flying in attack formation. He also noticed army vehicles close to the area where the firemen had caught the EBE and he also observed a truck carrying seven soldiers in camouflage accompanied by men in plain clothes. Another witness described how he had heard shots and saw soldiers come out of the woods carrying two campaign sacks - one moving and one motionless.

Yet one more witness revealed that a soldier shot an EBE three times in the chest and the creature died immediately. 
The aforesaid lawyer also noticed another search team arriving at 1-30p.m. and another witness described seeing a team of men in plain clothes searching the area. Meanwhile, a C-5 or C-17 U.S. Air Force transport plane was seen to land at Sao Paulo International Airport and two Americans were seen to check into a motel close to the hospital - they arrived with an array of strange equipment. The two Americans were later seen at the Humanities Hospital with their equipment and camcorders. 
Fire Department and military police were observed at the entrance to the hospital, along with two men fGeneral Sergio Coelho Limarom the Army's secret service. Adalberto de Magalhaes, a patient in the hospital waiting for an operation, described to his wife, Theresa, how he witnessed a dead alien being wheeled out of the morgue on a gurney. General Sergio Celho Lima, [ right ] commandant of the Army Cadet School in Sao Paolo State is alleged to have initiated a security clampdown but information was leaked on a daily basis .On the 22nd January the U.S. transport plane, mentioned previously, appeared at Campinas Airport - speculatively in order to fly the EBEs to the U.S.


General Sergio Coelho Lima - alleged to have demanded a security clampdown.

Unfortunately a policeman who had been present at the capture in the morning of the 20th had somehow become injured (by the creature?). Two days later he died in a local hospital. The official cause of death was given as pneumonia but when the dead man's family challenged this diagnosis, the hospital refused to give details.

In February 1996, a university student was driving on the Varginha-Tres Coracoes highway when he narrowly missed hitting a strange creature whilst navigating a bend - his headlights picked out the creature some 50 metres ahead, as he screeched to a halt it raised its arms to protect "blood-red eyes" before running into the night. The near-accident happened right next to the farm where the couple had seen the UFO.

At 9-00p.m. on 21st April 1996, 67 year old Mrs. Terezinha Gallo Clepf left her taMrs. Clepf ble at the restaurant in the Varginha Zoo Gardens to go onto the porch for a cigarette. She was terrified when she came face to face with a bizarre creature - her description tallied with previous accounts, sending shock-waves through Varginha. 
In April 1996, Luiza Silva, mother of the girls who first witnessed the second creature, was visited by four strangers - none of whom were Brazilian. The four men, dressed expensively, offered her a large sum of money to persuade her daughters to lie about their encounter. When Mrs Silva refused, the men left in a blue 1994 Lincoln Continental car - they promised to return.

Mrs. Clepf - came across an EBE in the Varginha Zoo Gardens.

Despite a security clampdown, information was constantly leaked to the Press: "ET mania is sweeping the nation"

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